GIC utilizes its market research, commercial intelligence and regulatory analysis to assist clients in creating actionable strategic plans for market entry and expansion, product development and launches, responding to competitive threats, acquiring industry competitors and developing new business plans. GIC works directly with clients to design a strategy that fits with the current realities of the agricultural marketplace and align company activities and objectives to guide the implementation of the proposed strategy. GIC provides clients with a variety of management tools to monitor and adapt their business strategies as the market evolves.

Project Examples

The following projects are representative examples of GIC’s strategic planning services.

Corporate Strategic Analysis: Asgrow and Monsanto. Private Client.
Strategic analysis for a private client of Monsanto's acquisition of Asgrow Agronomics from ELM. Investments in Gaza, West Bank. U.S. Trade and Development Agency.
GIC assessed markets, capital structure, sponsor specifications, and preliminary project economics for an olive oil facility in the West Bank and a vegetable processing plant in Gaza. Evaluation of Potential Exits for Food and Agribusiness Private Equity Investments in Latin America. Private Equity Fund.
The GIC Group conducted a thorough study of the potential exit markets for private equity investments in Latin American agribusiness companies, analyzing four specific Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. Investment Feasibility: Tomato Project in Dominican Republic. Private Client.
GIC conducted a review of potential equity ventures for counter-seasonal growing and marketing of fresh tomatoes. GIC conducted marketing and pricing studies and developed the business and financial plans.

Additional examples available upon request.