GIC works with USDA cooperators, industry trade associations and state and federal government agencies to conduct marketing program audits and market assessments. These evaluations and market studies help public entities assess the efficacy of their overall strategy and individual marketing components, identify barriers and market constraints, and adjust their priorities and objectives to match current market conditions.

Project Examples

The following projects provide examples of GIC’s evaluation activities.

Evaluation of USSEC/ASA-IM Programs, Japan
GIC completed a comprehensive evaluation of soybean promotion programs during period FY 2005-2008 in Japan with recommendations for future strategies and activities, as well as budget allocations. Appropriate Marketing Programs for Promoting American Agricultural Exports. General Accounting Office.
GIC headed a review of alternative marketing mechanisms and worked with a panel of experts to develop appropriate new initiatives for legislators and policy makers. Evaluation of USB support programs for USAPEEC, worldwide
GIC evaluated USAPEEC’s use of USB funds in principal markets for U.S. poultry (mainly, Russia, China, West Africa, Central American countries), provided an ROI analysis on the effectiveness of USB support programs, and developed a customized Balanced Scorecard for USB. Six Country Export Program Evaluations. Florida Department of Citrus.
GIC evaluated the impact of Florida Department of Citrus' (FDOC) market development programs in Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Additional examples available upon request.