NEW: GIC Group & Agroinvestservice Financial Investment & Strategic Advisory Services in Russian Agribusiness, including deal origination, structuring and closing, capital raising, due diligence, financial analysis and valuation, business plan development, mergers & acquisitions, private placement, divestitures, trusteeship, market studies, copetitive intelligence, export promotion, strategic planning, facilitation of international strategic partnerships and alliances in agribusiness, regulatory analysis, food safety, ag project management, climate risk mitigation, government relations, facilitation of Russian agro-industry participation in the global supply chain.

Financial Services GIC offers agent services to suppliers and exporters, a service which entails origination, pricing, sales, trade financing, and delivery services. Our financial advisory capabilities span across joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, debt syndication and restructuring, and trusteeship services.

Carbon Services We provide firms and perspective investors with comprehensive market, regulatory and risk analysis, as well as financial valuation and investment strategies, for addressing climate change regulation and carbon emissions.

Market Consulting GIC’s consulting services center on export promotion, providing marketing, financing and agent representation services to suppliers worldwide, including CBI member countries.

Food Safety Food quality figures importantly in all GIC’s transactions. GIC founded and manages the Global Food Safety Forum; an industry non-profit organization to advance food safety through harmonization of standards, international compliance, certification, and risk minimization operations at the plant level.

Food Security Our food security work under USAID and White House auspices is to provide investment banking services to owners of innovative agricultural technologies and eligible counterpart partners from the private sector and non governmental organizations in feed the future countries, including 7 African countries. The investment advisory service is provided, in part, to improve competitive value chains, food production, sustainable agriculture, and income for subsistence farmers. GIC’s first successful transaction under this activity has been the licensing of a no till technology to a Ghanaian company for manufacturing and sale of the equipment in Ghana as well as other countries in West Africa.