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In 2010, GIC Group and its Beijing partner, Bric Global Agricultural Consultants, launched the Global Safe Food Forum (GFSF). GFSF is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on food safety for companies operating in China. Our goal is building a robust food safety infrastructure from farm to fork. Therefore, our committees are centering on international concerns in creating and validating multi-industry standards, tightening certification procedures, offering training workshops to Chinese companies, and advancing quality controls. This will lead to a strengthening of the supply chain and give consumers the assurances they rightfully deserve.To date, GFSF is the only diversified industry body that can credibly claim to represent the global food supply chain. Our members represent a diverse cross section of producers, processors, merchandisers/shippers/distributers, and retailers. We bring our resources to the fore and focus sharply on compliance, cooperation, certification, risk minimization, and rapid response. Our strengths are our risk minimization, our training, our outreach, and the structured liaison we can build with government agencies and regulatory bodies. The forum works based on conferral and coordination with government regulators and voluntary enforcement by private business.

GFSF has been welcomed and endorsed by government regulators, including China’s Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Agriculture.

To summarize, quality assurance and reliability for China’s products are our goals. Global supply chain strategies and industry leadership are the GFSF brand. Our commitment to and expertise in food safety is highlighted in this international effort to building a safety infrastructure from farm to fork.

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