Rick Gilmore is Lead Presenter at International Import and Export Forum in Moscow Today


November 20, 2020
International Import and Export Forum
Presentation of Richard Gilmore, GIC Group

Rick Gilmore, lead presenter at the International Import and Export Forum in Moscow today, underscored the COVID 19 and “New Normal” challenges facing the international grain trade.

In opening remarks, Gilmore stated that it will be critical for grain merchandisers to introduce technologies in their global operations to secure supply chains and secure long-term supplier buyer relations. 

In his list of foundational and growth strategies, Gilmore listed: “Digitalized supply chain and services to buyer.”

  • Fintech to facilitate sales
    • Blockchain for tracing origin to delivery
    • Identity preserved shipment
    • Low carbon option sales contracts

His remarks also focused on the impressive growth of Russia as a leading exporter of cereals and now, the #1 exporter of wheat in the world. He said, “Russia is well positioned as a competitive supplier for sales in Asian and Mideast markets, but their position requires investment and adoption of new software/ electronic services to remain competitive.”  In conclusion, Gilmore pointed out that, “It is one thing to grow the crop competitively; it is quite another to deliver it competitively.”


GIC Group is an international agribusiness company partnering with Agro-Invest in Russia.