GIC in International Import-Export Event Nov 18-20, 2020


GIC Group, a 40-year old international agribusiness company, is pleased to join other expert presenters to discuss agricultural trade opportunities for Russia worldwide. Rick Gilmore, President/CEO, commented, “Russia is well-placed to resume its historic role as a ‘global breadbasket’.” My presentations in the three sessions will focus on critical developments in the international grain trade; Russia’s international role as a competitive grain supplier in the “new normal” post COVID-19 world; and GIC recommended growth strategies and services.

GIC provides agribusiness companies and public sector clients with an integrated approach to problem solving and a roadmap for profit maximization and future growth. We combine research with analysis; policy and strategic planning with technology applications, marketing, and decision-making; and finance and investment with raising capital. GIC offers services with a specialization in the grain trade from our network of global offices and partnerships.

Gilmore invited participants to send questions in advance of the event: “There is always a risk in over-simplification so questions from listeners will enable me to drill down to the key issues in successful international grain transactions. Please refer to our website: and the website of our non-profit organization, GFSF: and direct your inquiries to: . “ For further information on the event, please refer to