Global Food Safety Forum Releases its 2015 White Paper

For Immediate Release

Alexandria, VA, May 1, 2015

May 1, 2015 – The Global Food Safety Forum is pleased to announce the release of its 2015 White Paper, Food Safety Technologies: Key Tools for Compliance. Authors from the private and public sectors have written chapters dealing with specific technology and regulatory issues with specific reference to the following: Overview of technology development in food safety regulation over the span of the last five years and the role of technology in enforcement and compliance.

–The link between strategic regulatory provisions and technology innovation.
–Quantifying risk of EMA (economically motivated adulterated product) and conducting content analysis using food safety technologies.
–Mitigating risk through food safety insurance for buyers and suppliers
–The evolving nature of regulations to match new business opportunities and market conditions.
–Globalization of food supply chains: The advancement of food safety technologies in Asian countries with a spotlight on the cold chain, tracing and verification systems.
–A Chinese corporate perspective on the need for vertically and horizontally integrated supply chains to insure safe and quality food distribution in China.
–Recent technology breakthroughs and their applications in food safety and prospective system technology innovation launches in the year ahead.

Eric Wu, Director of GFSF, introduced the White Paper, singling out the diverse, illustrious group of contributors to the publication. He said, “We are very grateful to our authors who have done an outstanding job in illustrating the intersect between compliance and technology from different perspectives. Their contributions have elevated the GFSF White Paper to an instructive level which should be useful for all our readers.”

For additional details of the 2015 White Paper, please contact us directly via the contact information below.

GFSF is a non-profit industry organization with a diverse membership base of leading multinational companies in the global food chain, Chinese companies, US state departments of agriculture, and trade associations. GFSF focuses on the global food chain. As a private-public platform, GFSF offers its members and government regulatory agencies opportunities for collaboration and information sharing, technical assistance, new-e-course certified programs, and food safety liability and recall contamination insurance products.

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