CPC is Key for Carbon Pollution Pricing

Bravo, Canada: . IMF reports, “While Canada is in the vanguard, momentum for carbon pricing is building globally.”  To get to net zero, the key is building the momentum.  …

National Ag Day, March 23

03/23-National Ag Day:,and%20communities%20across%20the%20country. We at GIC join in saluting earth’s shepherds and in applauding the bounty they provide worldwide.

Women in Agriculture

The Committee on World Food Security/FAO Gender Dept reports an average of 43% of ag labor force in developing countries are women where they are responsible for nutrition and food …

New Pasteurization Technology

Sami Kandil on LinkedIn: Australian breakthrough is the new alternative to milk pasteurization GFSF commends Naturo on Haelen, a new pasteurization technology.