Increasing Carbon Capture in Plants

The Salk Institute’s Harnessing Plant Initiative & Danforth Plant Science Center’s focus on raising carbon capture in plants like sorghum make sense. Hard to argue against it unless you’re not vaccinated!!

Wash Out Greenwashing!

Investors are stampeding for high ESG scores; consumer preferences for organics and climate friendly products are on the rise.  Along comes “greenwashing” to wash away these trends. Wash out greenwashing …

UN Pre-Summit for Food Systems

The UN Pre-Summit for Food Systems in Rome targeted transformational change with global policies/actions. But nationalist bias and unabated climate adversity risk making sustainability unsustainable. 

Eat Up and Wake Up!

The Rockefeller Foundation blockbuster report quantifies GHG emissions from US food system and plenty of other hidden costs.  Eat up and wake up!!